In Slovakia, more than 90% of the apartments are in private ownership, thus causing a major challenge for the success of sustainable renovation programs.

In Bratislava, the project partners of another EU-project that also focuses on the reduction of energy consumption, EU-GUGLE , have successfully achieved the renovation of a residential building to become a nearly zero energy building. The department of the Chief City Architect partners prepared a campaign “Let’s live healthy” to promote the project.
The residential building was built in 1988 and consists of 42 households. Because of the poor insulation and window quality, the energy consumption of the building was very high, and the inhabitants were suffering from high energy costs.

Since the end of the renovation in January 2015, the owners are now using 80% less energy than before and CO2 emissions have been cut by 70%. These energy efficient buildings, new or renovated, deliver an inevitable and most important base for the creation of future PEDs such as envisioned in ATELIER project.

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Picture: Renovated residential building in Bratislava. Credits: DNV, Arthur Lankester.