Kraków with a population of 780,000 is the second largest city in Poland. The city was founded over 760 years ago, but it was first mentioned in 965; The Old Town, the Wawel Royal Castle and the Kazimierz Jewish District are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Famous monuments and cultural institutions attract up to 13 million tourists each year.

Kraków is a place where tradition combines with knowledge and innovation; more than 11,000 scientist and 150,000 university students create potential for the development of new technologies and new sectors of the economy. The city is one of the most important economic centres in Poland, a great location for business due to the availability of good specialists and modern office space, cost effectiveness and high quality of life.

Kraków Municipality (Fot. Wiesław Majka)

As part of ATELIER, Krakow has the following objectives:

  • acquire knowledge and skills in the development of PED,
  • organize the local Innovation Atelier as a meeting place for various types of stakeholders (academia, industry, investors, but also citizens and local innovators),
  • integrate renewable energy in the municipal heating and cooling system,
  • develop replication plan of PED concept in selected areas,
  • increase citizen and stakeholder engagement,
  • develop “City Vision 2050” as a road map to climate neutrality.


Andrzej Łazęcki

Municipality of Kraków