The artistic intervention ‘Glimpses of green energy’ will open its windows this June! Commissioned by Waag Futurelab, design studio Bits of Space developed an art route along 8 locations in the PED district of Amsterdam. It shows the invisible energy systems to everyone involved in our transition: from expert to resident, from solar panel installer to energy pioneer.


Visualizing the energy transition

The energy generation and storage installations are often placed on the roof or in the basement. Passers-by or residents see little of the new techniques in this innovative area. The objects of the art route contain viewing tubes and other displays that provide virtual insight into equipment and installations behind the walls and underground. Besides the fact that the innovative technologies that make these buildings energy positive are worth looking at, it also makes the discussion about the energy transition more concrete.


From solar boiler to heat exchanger

A sneak preview: The route shows how deep the boreholes of the heat-cold storage are, how aqua thermal energy can process such a system, and where the heat from the district heating network exactly comes from. Solar panels, batteries and heat pumps are presented in all shapes and sizes.
At the moment the work is in progress – an adventure in itself. The design team visits extraordinary spaces, like a roof where water is heated with sunlight and a training center for connecting homes to heating networks.


Glimpses at Republica

A ‘Glimpses of green energy’ will also take place at Republica. In a transparent plate across the street, we will engrave information about the complex’s food grinders and shared battery. From the right vantage point, this plate will stand as a physical filter in front of the building.

On show now

On April 26, the first hybrid heat and cold storage opened in Amsterdam-North. In this system, heat from a thermal storage is supplemented by heat from the district heating network. The first ‘Glimpses of green energy’ has been installed for this occasion! An illustration on the facade gives an insight into the technical area behind the wall. It explains how the different circuits of heat reinforce each other, and how heat eventually reaches the homes of the building. It was officially opened by the municipality director of Planning and Sustainability, Josja van der Veer, and Vattenfall director of Heat Construction, Floris Huiskamp. Artist Tessa Steenkamp of Bits of Space spoke about the other installations in the art route, and the importance of participation in transitions such as the energy transition.


From April 26, this first ‘Glimpse’ can be viewed on the Asterweg. The other locations will be festively opened on June 13 in Buiksloterham. Find more information about the festive opening:



Author: Waag Futurelab

Picture credits:

1) Design studio Bits of Space

2) Waag Futurelab, Michiel Landeweerd