July 2020 turned out to be a good month for the development of Poppies in the Buiksloterham district. After several iterations with municipal departments, the environmental permit has been approved. This is an important milestone for the development of the Poppies project. The block of buildings is energy positive in itself, facilitated by an ample number of photovoltaic panels, proper insulation and glazing and a very efficient system for heating and cooling.

Now that this milestone has been met, focus is on the legal process of handling visions of the neighbourhood on the building block. Though there are some complaints, the developer is confident that construction can start in spring 2021. Parallel to the legal process, financing of the entire project needs to be completed. Several investors already committed to the financing, but a bank loan will only be finalised in fall of 2020. In sum, the Poppies development is well on track.


(Picture Credits: Mark Koehler)