The last months in Krakow were marked by pro-climate, green activities.

Recently, we shared the news about our campaign “Krakow in a good climate“. The campaign is divided into four thematic sections, focusing on the most important elements of life, e.g. rational waste management.

In reference to this important topic, the first ecological workshop organized was on cooking. The theme of the event was “I cook and I don’t waste” or “A creative kitchen without leftovers”. The event, attended by dozens of people  (both stationary and remotely), was hosted by a well-known educator and promoter of the zero waste idea. At the beginning, the workshop participants listened to a debate on food waste which zero waste experts took part in. In the second part of the event, participants learned how to prepare delicious, planet-friendly dishes, learned practical tips on how to prevent food waste at home, rationally plan meals and use food leftovers from their fridges. The gathered participants could taste delicious culinary offers in the spirit of zero waste and also received a specially prepared culinary e-book.

A lot is also happening in other projects carried out at our Department. Climate and Environment Advisors of the LIFE-IP project launched the campaign with a motto #treeforclimate. Together with students and teachers of selected Krakow primary schools, they plant native species of trees as part of field nature lessons. Thanks to this, little Cracovians can learn how important trees are, how the forest ecosystem works and what the carbon cycle is. This action is connected with one of the recommendations of Kraków Citizens’ Assembly on Climate – reaching the largest possible number of Krakow residents with a message about the environment and climate.

In the coming months, we are planning more educational and promotional events. We will keep you updated about our activities!