Krakow sets standards in the field of environmental, ecological and climate activities. We already have taken intensive measures to improve the air quality in the city. Now we are facing an extremely important challenge that affects all people on earth. Our goal is to counteract the negative effects of climate change.

This year, the city will implement the “Krakow in a Good Climate” campaign. Its aim is to increase the pro-climate awareness of the inhabitants of Krakow, to encourage joint actions to counteract the negative effects of climate change and to accelerate the systemic transformation of the city, aimed at achieving climate neutrality.

The campaign is divided into four thematic sections, focusing on the elements: air, fire, water and earth:

We Separate – concerning waste management, recycling, energy (Fire)

We Plant – about urban greenery and soil quality (Earth)

We Save – raising the important issue of economical water management (Water)

We Breathe – focusing on the topic of air quality and ecological transport (Air)

The first part of the campaign is dedicated to waste management. You will be able to find out, among others: How to properly separate waste? How to give used items a second life? Where to hand over used electrical waste or unnecessary furniture?

From February 14 to 18, we ran the “Valentine’s Day campaign. Love the planet.” The inhabitants of Krakow gave away unnecessary electro-waste lying in their homes, such as: used batteries, CDs, light bulbs, small electronics. In return, they received potted plants and nest boxes for birds made of recycled materials.

The next stages of the campaign also include interesting activities:

Zero waste ecological workshops on cooking: We will learn how not to waste food, how to share it with the poorest, how to plan shopping, and how to cook deliciously and healthy for the whole family.

Walks in the footsteps of Krakow’s Kranowianka (Krakow’s tap water). We will tell you how to save water and how it impacts not only our bills, but also the condition of the environment. We will teach how to set up a rain garden, what is “gray water” and how we can use it, and how to use detergents to minimize their harmful impact on the environment.


This video in Polish provides additional info about the campaign:



Kraków w dobrym klimacie – Magiczny Kraków (

Credits for image: Bogusław Świerzowski