Despite the COVID-19 situation, a lot has happened in our Fellow City Krakow during the last six months!

As part of ATELIER, they created thier own Smart City Planning Group, consisting of sectors coordinators, managers and experts. The Krakow partners alos had first stakeholder meetings with a district heating operator as well as other organisations. It is particularly worth mentioning their cooperation with „MPEC Innovations” , the Municipal District Heating Company Departmen, whose field of activity concerns the development of innovative energy technologies.

In September, the ATELIER Krakow partners visited the city’s Eco-incineration, a Thermal Waste Incineration Plant. There, they participated in a presentation of innovative, elastic PV pannels installed on the facade of the building. These ultra-lightweight and highly flexible modules were very interestiung to the partners in the context of PED design for Krakow.

PV panels in Eco-incineration plant. Credits: Kraków Municipality

Although not everyone was present at our last meeting, we proudly represented the entire Kraków team. Credits: Kraków Municipality