The ATELIER project seeks to boost the energy transformation of the cities of Bilbao and Amsterdam. To achieve this, one of the key technological actions is to study the energy balance of the Positive Energy District (PED) demonstrator, developing an energy measurement and data communication architecture, in order to track in real time the energy consumption within the project. To this end, Iberdrola pays special attention to electrical monitoring in the three main buildings of the PED Zorrotzaurre: Beta I, Beta II and Papelera as well as in other future buildings which will be involved in the demonstrator.

On the one hand, from the perspective of the distribution network, the deployment of new 4th generation PRIME smart meters that i-DE (the electricity distribution company of the Iberdrola group) will install within the scope of the ATELIER project, together with the latest innovations in the field of digitalization and automation of the distribution network, such as the advanced low voltage supervision,- i-Trafos, and the new intelligent primary substation developments (4.0 Substation) that will be installed in Zorrotzaurre.

It will increase the “Hosting Capacity” of the distribution network, or in other words, will increase the capacity to integrate distributed generation into the distribution network, without jeopardizing the quality of service and additionally, the distribution network will increase its flexibility to reduce the uncertainties associated with the renewable energy production.

On the other hand, from the perspective of the energy demand, Iberdrola Clientes, together with Carlo Gavazzi, is using an innovative 4-Metering system in order to assess the true level of environmental and energy efficiency of the buildings that are part of the project.

This system, with remote access and cyber security systems, offers data on energy consumption, temperature, humidity, CO2, luminosity, and wind speed. In addition, thanks to the versatility, the integration system of any device is done in an extremely simple way. All this information, collected on-site 24/7, is viewed via the 4-Metering Web App and is accessible remotely via Carlo Gavazzi’s Maia Cloud VPN service. The data provided by 4-Metering technology, makes possible to know variables such as energy consumption of the building, external environmental variables and air quality values in real time

The implementation of this monitoring system is essential to achieve not only ATELIER’s energy efficiency objectives with which Iberdrola is fully committed, but also to detect inefficiencies in building consumption, thanks to the detection of deficient points in the facilities, the optimization of lighting and air conditioning as well as the adaptation to the regulations regarding air quality.

This is an example of how acquired data from the new devices can be displayed.