Many European projects work on PEDs with the aim to improve design and operation towards energy positivity and towards associated economic and social targets. We have made much progress but key questions are still open, to be addressed by our project collectively in the coming periods. ATELIER hosted a session at Smart City Expo Barcelona 2022 on this topic with three other PED-focused H2020 projects RESPONSE, POCITYF, and MAKING CITY. Together with the audience, we identified the most important open questions. 

It is no surprise that on top of the list, there are questions such as: how to ensure replication of PED models across European cities? Where and how could citizens engage in a PED in combination with social innovation? Also, still to be answered is what place PEDs could take in the city’s pathway towards climate neutrality? In the course of one or two years, we hope to have gained more insight into these issues.

Author: Mark van Wees, Amsterdam University for Applied Sciences

Picture Credits:

1) Steinbeis Europa Zentrum

2) Mark van Wees, Amsterdam University for Applied Sciences