Citizen & Stakeholder Engagement

The citizens and stakeholders of the ATELIER Lighthouse Cities play an especially important role for the project, both in the role of local residents and in the role of co-deciders, co-implementers and users of PED measures. How should the energy system develop towards 2050 from the citizen’s point of view, and what requirements do citizens have with respect to usability, control and privacy?

Through co-creative and citizen science methods, a citizen- and community-centred perspective drives all interventions in the project and enhances the local innovation ecosystem: ATELIER involves and supports local actors and initiatives, allowing their participation at the design, development and implementation phases of solutions. It amplifies the efforts of the municipalities of Amsterdam and Bilbao in engaging stakeholders and citizens in the energy transition process. Through these processes, local barriers related to the implementation of innovations at the PED and city level are addressed and users’ possibilities to contribute to balancing the local energy network are improved.

This work package is led by WAAG.

Contact: Tessel van Leeuwen,