Waag operates at the intersection of science, technology and the arts. Our work focuses on emergent technologies as instruments of social change, and is guided by the values of fairness, openness and inclusivity. Waag’s dedicated team of sixty thinkers and makers empowers people to become active citizens through technology.

Waag is a middle-ground organisation composed of research groups that work with both grassroots initiatives and institutional partners across Europe. We share with our partners a passion for public value and civic activism, which is manifested in our public research agenda. Working with emergent technologies, Waag conducts research in both imaginative and practical terms, addressing its fellow citizens from a position of equality and collaboration.

Role in the project

In ATELIER, Waag is responsible for the citizen and stakeholder engagement activities. The project assumes a citizen-centric approach driven by processes of co-creation and co-design. Work Package 7 (Citizen and Stakeholder Engagement) stands central to this ambition, delivering a combination of artistic and creative methods, citizen science, stakeholder mapping, citizen involvement in design and decision making, and behavioural analysis. Waag contributes its Co-Creation Navigator (https://ccn.waag.org), an extensive toolkit assisting in the design and execution of co-creative processes. Moreover, Waag has broad knowledge about, and experience in, developing digital infrastructures that are privacy-aware and citizen centric. Waag will also help to collect requirements and wishes of users with respect to interaction with platforms and interfaces and highlight the cultural and transformative aspects of the energy transition.


Tessel van Leeuwen

Project Manager