The demonstration site Republica is a collection of six buildings that will be part of Amsterdam’s Positive Energy District. Construction started in spring 2021 after some delay with respect to original planning. This was mainly caused by COVID as this hampered the sales of apartments  in spring 2020 and further financing of the building complex. It is a mixture of residential (55 apartments) and commercial use (office space, a hotel, leisure and food and beverage facilities). The most relevant parts of Republica for the ATELIER project are:

  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Energy and minerals recovery from sewage streams
  • A smart microgrid, including a 1.2 MWh battery
  • An ATES (aquifer thermal energy storage) based heating and cooling system
  • Green roofs covered with photo-voltaic panels
  • Establishment of a local energy community consisting of the inhabitants and occupiers

Take a look at the official Republica video produced by the local project developer (in Dutch):