D9.1 Repository of definitions of terms, key characteristics archetypes, and a set of KPIs


ATELIER incorporates multiple solutions that will accelerate the energy transition in Amsterdam and Bilbao. The Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) are designed as urban laboratories where innovative approaches and structural models will be deployed and validated in a continuous and dynamic approach. The methodological framework for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) that we present in this document should allow for adaptation resulting from the experience in ATELIER itself and the emerging best practices in other projects.

This document defines the main M&E principles that consider monitoring as an instrument for evaluation. According to the M&E principles, the process is transparent to the project partners that are involved in monitoring and to a broader audience connected to the process; allows a shared ownership across the project partners; endorses additionality with respect to a baseline scenario, etc. ATELIER project undertakes evaluation as an internal feed-back mechanism where we produce valuable interim conclusions and recommendations implementation. In this leading document we define:

  • System boundaries and temporal scales
  •  Baseline approach and expected impacts, targets, and benchmarks
  • Governance model that allows the implementation of shared ownership
  • The main evaluation domains and first list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Tools to be shared and next steps

Based on the state of the art in Smart Cities Monitoring and Evaluation, the requirements from the Smart City Information System, and experience gained by the interchange with other lighthouse projects and the Smart Cities and Communities partnership, we propose an initial set of indicators. Based on the actual list of indicators proposed (see below) and available at KPI repository (Annex 1), we will lead a continuous iteration process with the specialist at the different areas (energy, mobility, digitalization, social awareness, etc.) both in Bilbao and Amsterdam.