D10.8 Dissemination and Communication Strategy Plan


This deliverable provides an overview of all dissemination and communication activities taking place and foreseen within ATELIER.

This Dissemination and Communication Plan (D&C Plan) addresses the entire ATELIER consortium and provides a practical guideline about:

  • which dissemination and communication (D&C) activities are planned for ATELIER,
  • how the ATELIER corporate identity (CI) is to be used,
  • how to act and interact regarding the planned activities.

A project like ATELIER addresses different target groups (such as the scientific community as well as citizens) that require different messages, communication styles (technical language vs. general, easily understandable information), channels and tools.

The ATELIER D&C activities comprise both printed materials (e.g. project flyers, rollups, posters, press releases, news articles, scientific and non-scientific publications, a best practice booklet) as well as digital materials and activities (e.g. project website and newsletter, online news articles, social media activities, video clips, webinars). Moreover, the ATELIER partners will both participate in various events (e.g. Smart City conferences like the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona or events organised by related projects, such as the regular networking events organised by other Smart Cities and Communities (SCC1) projects) as well as organise project own events (e.g. the ATELIER final conference).

This D&C Plan furthermore describes the “Dissemination and Communication Cascade” to be applied during the project, which actively builds on and engages the partner´s knowledge and experience as well as their own communication channels in order to successfully spread the news and results from ATELIER project to the outside world.

Overall, the ATELIER D&C Strategy will follow the steps below: