One of the benefits of the ATELIER project is the development of a wider knowledge in the Lighthouse Cities in the field of Positive Energy Districts. Being able to realise such energy positive districts is important for  achieving the climate goals of the cities. For example, the city vision of Amsterdam is targeting a climate neutral performance by 2050, but it is already apparent that this performance will not be evenly spread throughout all neighborhoods. Thus, Positive Energy Districts might be needed to offset the performance of areas that cannot yield climate neutrality by themselves for various reasons. Rigorous refurbishment, for example, is not compatible with the historic status of some buildings, or district heating sometimes is not an option because of space limitations in a crowded city-centre.

In its management of the energy transition, the City of Amsterdam employs so-called district advisors that keep the focus on sustainability in areas with new developments going on. These nine advisors were identified as a suitable target group for expanding the knowledge about ATELIER, its goals and challenges and were thus invited to a workshop in February 2021. Besides the purpose of spreading ATELIER knowledge beyond the project, the workshop also increased awareness amongst the ATELIER members themselves  of the challenges in the sustainable development in other parts of the city.

It was eye-opening to learn what is happening in the various parts of the city and to see that there is common ground on a number of subjects. Some examples are smart grids and how they can be best used (both for electricity and heating), the realisation of more renewable energy production in the  city and of (shared) mobility hubs. Three development areas were identified as being suitable for a further deepening of information exchange:  Amsterdam Zuidoost, Strandeiland and Haven-stad. A first follow-up with Zuidoost is currently being planned. The graphic shows the location of Buiksloterham in relation to the mentioned districts.


Picture: Various development areas in Amsterdam (Credits: City of Amsterdam)