Bilbao, as any other city of its magnitude, has a large public lighting network that is constantly evolving both technologically, with the transition towards LED technology, and functionally, improving management and maintenance procedures.

In the context of this development and the application of innovative solutions under the ATELIER project, an intelligent software has been installed in the street lights of the Beta Square in Zorrozaurre. This is a pilot project and according to the results, it could potentially also be replicated in the rest of the public lighting in the city.

The devices placed in the street lights are designed to switch on and off according to various sensors that give signals about the intensity of the light and the transit of people. The main feature of the system is its ability to convert the public lighting network into a broadband data network that will be integrated into the municipal repository.

In short, this pilot aims to provide a smart application to the lighting management system and consequently to the optimisation of its energy consumption, while simultaneously improving preventive and corrective maintenance processes.


Author: Jon Gonzalez Mancisidor, City of Bilbao

Picture credits: Ayuntamiento de Bilbao