Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), the ATELIER partner responsible for cooperation activities with other PED projects, is currently developing a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on PEDs as part of the ATELIER project and is looking for partners to join!

The aim of the MOOC is to create an interactive learning platform where knowledge on Positive Energy Districts is shared. The MOOC comprises multi-media presentations, written course materials, case studies, exercises, lectures, examination materials, and guidance for lecturers. The e-learning platform functions as a learning community and platform supporting the Fellow Cities in their capacity building, and a broader learning community from other projects, cities, students and professionals.

We start with developing a couple of first learning blocks (PEDs Start Guide); later on, the online space will support the MOOC, using the knowledge building blocks on the platform.

We aim for an innovative way to learn, share knowledge, find existing knowledge, and work together on defining learning questions and education that fits those questions. Acknowledging the rich amount of existing seminars and presentations, this MOOC will take it one step further: it will guide students and PED practitioners to develop their own PED strategies and projects.

A MOOC like this will be even more valuable when we join forces with other PED projects. We are therefore very interested in partnering up with knowledge institutions and other partners that can co-develop, co-manage and co-own the MOOC, using own resources. This includes sharing or developing teaching materials, bringing in cases and learnings, helping with the communication and marketing, etc.

Please contact us if you have any ideas or questions. Let us explore collaboration!

Mark van Wees:

Marije Poel: