The astonishing pace at which the world is currently developing creates the need for (sustainable) innovation to solve urban challenges. Living labs are pursued in many innovation projects, scientific programs and municipal organizations. They are everywhere. The common challenge we have is making and understanding impact with urban experimentation.

The annual global Urban Living Lab Summit, organised by ATELIER partner AMS Institute, brings together high-level living lab scholars, experienced practitioners, active city officials and ambitious companies. The goal is to strengthen the emerging urban living lab community of experts, in order to promote and curate insights and knowledge about the urban living lab methodologies, to be shared globally.

This year’s theme: ‘Perspectives on Impact’
This year we will work together on learning and co-creating on how to measure and make impact with urban living labs. For this conference, impact is defined as: making lasting change in society through the development, operation, experimentation, and learning in the Living Labs.




  • Date: Tuesday, 22 June 2021
  • Time: 14:00 – 18:00 CEST
  • Location: online


14:00 to 18:00 CEST
| 14:00h | Opening session |

moderated by Leendert Verhoef (AMS Institute)
– Welcome
– Why impact is needed – now!
– What is impact? Interactive.
– How to measure impact? Co-creative.


| 15:00h | Workshops / deep dives in breakout rooms – round one |

  • Scientific grounding of impact measurements | Michel Handgraaf (AMS Institute)
  • Legal and Governance Systems for Living Lab Operation | Astrid Voorwinden (RUG) and Ellen van Bueren (AMS Institute / TU Delft)
  • Building and managing portfolios of Living Labs in Metropolitan areas | Leendert Verhoef (AMS Institute) and Michael Bossert (Concordia University Montreal)
  • Real World Impact with Realtime Insights | Tom van Arman (Director/Founder Tapp)
  • The Responsible Sensing Toolkit: An inclusive framework for ethical public sensing projects | Paul Manwaring (Co-founder CITIXL)

More workshops will follow


| 16:15h | Workshops / deep dives in breakout rooms – round two |

  • How to make impact | Open discussion, co-creative workshop
  • Impact and lessons from a global Community of Practice on Monitoring Living Labs | Annika Herth (TU Delft), Aranka Dijkstra (AMS Institute) and Nina Vogel (SLU Urban Futures)
  • Living Labs in Academic Learning | Toine Andernach, Nina Bohm, and student (AMS Institute)
  • Theories of Change for making impact in Urban innovation | Mark van Wees (AUAS)
  • Pressure cooker Labs: Festivals as a Living Lab | Marije Boonstra (NHL Stenden Hogeschool)
  • (Co-)branding strategies for Living Labs | Maud Kaan (AMS Institute)
  • Intra and Entrepreneurship: Accelerating factors for our transition into sustainable societies | Miguel Arato (The Future Leaders Lab)

More workshops will follow


| 17:20h | Closing session |
moderated by Leendert Verhoef (AMS Institute)
– Feedback from parallel sessions
– Establishing next steps
– Towards a joint position paper


Your Contribution & Registration
This is an online event, free of costs. Please share this invitation with colleagues or (business) relations. For more information, please contact Nout Keijzer.

Due to the co-creative character of the summit, we invite you to host a workshop yourself. The program is already starting to fill up, but we have openings! Please send us an email or fill in the registration form if you would like to host a workshop, before June 8.


If you see a workshop in program that interest you and where you can contribute, please let us know and we’ll bring you into contact.