This session is the first in a series of Smart City Dilemmas and podcasts by the Smart City Academy of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The aim of these sessions is to highlight a Smart City topic together, to share knowledge based on the latest insights and to identify important dilemmas. Working with dilemmas, we try to first embrace complexity, while working towards solutions. This time the topic is Energy Citizens with active participation of ATELIER partners.

After every Smart City Dilemma session we will ask our guests to come back during a podcast to go deeper into what we have talked about and to reflect on what they have learned. We do not work on solutions, but we want to question these solutions.

The transition to a climate-neutral society and the energy transition requires the involvement of all relevant stakeholders: policymakers, energy suppliers, network operators, but also residents. In addition to being energy consumers, residents are increasingly becoming energy traders and even energy producers. We wonder what this means; and what dilemmas arise that we as the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences want to work with?

This first session Is mainly intended for teachers, researchers and others who want to gain more knowledge about the transition to a climate-neutral society.

In a small setting we will look at various approaches to Energy Citizenship, such as peer-to-peer platforms, behavior, justice, cooperation & conflict, skills and technical aspects. These topics will be covered by speakers like Reint Jan Renes (Professor of Psychology for a Sustainable City at AUAS), Beatriz Pineda Revilla (Researcher and Lecturer at AUAS), Pedro Lopes de Carvalho (Senior Researcher & Project Leader Empower 2.0 at AUAS), Jurgen van der Heijden (Senior Consultant Environment & Energy at Osborne), Martijn de Waal (professor Play and Civic Media at AUAS), Fieke van Leest (Planner and Program Manager Urban Insight at Sweco / Gemeente Amsterdam). Mark van Wees (Project manager Urban Technology and ATELIER at AUAS) will be the moderator of the session. Together we will work on dilemmas with a multidisciplinary approach in various projects like ATELIER, Schoon Schip, EMPOWER 2.0, Energy Transition Indische Buurt and Warmtenet Watergraafsmeer and learn from it. Which dilemmas pop up?


Online Program

15.00-15.15 Introduction

15.15-15.30 Pitches

15.30-16.15 Interactive sessions

16.15-16.30 Wrap up


The program will be in English, but most interactive sessions are also optional in Dutch.

If you would like to come with a colleague, she/he is also very welcome, make sure to register!

We hope to see you on Thursday January 7!