20.08.2020, 19:30-21:00 honline

We are on the verge of a crucial change: the transition towards renewable energy presents us with challenges in solidarity, organisational abilities and honest technology. What are the downsides to green, renewable energy and how can we make sure that new, ‘smart’ technologies for energy will exactly be that: smart, clean and responsible?

Many companies nowadays present us with technology push in the face of the energy transition. Will we pay for renewable energy with privacy – and if the energy transition comes with datafication, doesn’t that also mean our ecological footprint will increase? During the third meetup of De Energietransitie, these are the questions we will focus on.

This is an online meetup. Details on how to join it will follow after registration.

This is an event organised by ATELIER project partner Waag.

Entrance: free

Language: Dutch