Among other things, ATELIER’s work package focusing on capacity building (WP 6) has been organising and facilitating Peer-2-Peer sessions. During these sessions, ATELIER’s Fellow Cities are invited to share best practices, discuss problems they face and help each other with implementing their Positive Energy Districts. Furthermore, the Peer-2-Peer sessions are used as platform to discuss current projects and to ask for help or advice on specific problems.

So far, two Peer-2-Peer sessions were held. The first Fellow City to share best practices was Copenhagen in February 2021. Tore Gad Kjeld, Energy Planner at HOFOR A/S was the key speaker. Tore shared Hofor’s activities related to intelligent control and optimisation of future flexible heat pumps. During this session, Renée Heller, researcher at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, also shared Amsterdam’s experience regarding this topic.

The second city to share best practices was Riga in March 2021. Nika Kotoviča, Urban Planning Expert from Riga Municipal Agency (Riga Energy Agency) talked about mobility management in Riga. Moreover, Viesturs Celmiņš, managing director of the innovation movement VEFRESH, presented the mobility point project as a public-private collaboration platform and the testbed for collecting open urban data. This second session also included reflections from ATELIER’s Lighthouse Cities Amsterdam and Bilbao, with Eduardo Green and Jon Gonzalez as speakers respectively.

Written by: Sara Rueda Raya

Picture Credits: Unsplash