We will start by defining the PED strategy, identifying key factors in successfully implementing the PED and determining how the PED strategy contributes to broader city sustainability objectives. We will also investigate context specific success factors for implementing this concept in other areas of the city.


We realize the PED demonstrator site in ATELIER is one of the pilots we are conducting in Amsterdam on smart, local energy systems. Besides ATELIER, there are other smart, local energy projects, namely LIFE-Arenapoort, Havencollectief and Schiphol Area Development Company. To capture all these learnings and form a network of knowledge experts on this topic in different settings, we are working with the network organization Amsterdam Smart City to facilitate this. For this, a Transition Day was organized on 6 June 2023 in which the question of how to scale up smart, local energy systems was the central topic. With a broad group of participants, we searched for the challenges where local energy systems can be a solution. A first model of this was presented, covering the challenges of congestion, energy communities, data, connection with existing build environment and legislation. This model will be further developed to capture all the findings of the pilots and to identify further research questions.


We also discussed the barriers for upscaling. We had an open and honest conversation about the challenges we face from different stakeholder perspectives. It was fascinating to see that sometimes the different stakeholders, despite having the same goal, cannot come to an agreement which can thus lead to considerable frustration. We learned that we can only solve challenges together if we understand each other situations, interests, and priorities. Citizens and companies often do not know where to go and are often not aware of the existing possibilities. Often, the solutions are already there, but it is difficult to bring this all together. We will continue to work on these barriers with the participants in the network.



More information: Transition day 2023: Local Energy systems, scale up, scale up, scale up – Amsterdam Smart City

Author and picture credits: Lennart Zwols