ATELIER Stories: Bratislava on its way to Climate Neutrality

Take a look at Fellow City Bratislava and its efforts towards a more sustainable future with public greens, the use of RES and its efforts with regard to building a Positive Energy district (PED) at Janikov Dvor located in Petržalka, district of Bratislava.

Petržalka is primarily a residential area, with most people living in blocks of flats called paneláks, a neologism for buildings built from concrete panels joined together to form the structure, which were widely deployed throughout the Eastern Bloc during the communist era. As the borough was built primarily as a residential area, it has no clearly defined centre.

As of 2008, Petržalka is connected to Bratislava by five bridges. It is the most densely populated residential district in Central Europe. Important institutions include the congress and exposition centre Incheba and Petržalka railway station. Sad Janka Kráľa is one of the oldest municipal parks in Europe. There is also the Arena Theatre, established in 1828, one of the oldest theatres in Bratislava.

Petržalka is mostly a lowland area with no hills or mountains. There are two lakes, Malý and Veľký Draždiak, which are used for swimming, fishing and leisure activities