Together with Matthijs Kallenbach, Tjerk ScheepstraThomas van de Voort and Paul Roßteutscher, Nienke van Wees spent the last 10 weeks of the first year of the MSc Innovation Sciences at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) working on the Horizon 2020 funded ATELIER project. This project focuses on the realisation of a Positive Energy District in Buiksloterham, Amsterdam by implementing technological and social innovations.

Using theory on transitions (Multi-Level Perspective) and management (Strategic Niche Management), they took a broader perspective on the project and analysed the current situation on the aspects of ‘visions & expectations’, ‘learning processes’, and ‘actor network formation.’ Following this analysis, they formulated recommendations on how to proceed and optimise these critical factors.

They were rewarded with an 8.2 (a very high mark) on their report with the title ‘Determining critical factors in the ATELIER Positive Energy District pilot in Buiksloterham’. Not only did they learn about multi-stakeholder projects in the field of Positive Energy Districts, but also how to work as a consultancy team with the corresponding time pressure. Next to this, one of the highlights was that they went on an excursion to the construction site with the whole team.

Many thanks to Mark van Wees of AUAS and all the stakeholders that guided them through the process with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm!

Picture Credits: Nienke van Wees