During the past six months, a number of activities have been going on in ATELIER’s Lighthouse City Bilbao:

  • The Bilbao partners have conducted an analysis of a geothermal network for the recovery of waste heat from transformation centers of Zorrotzaurre island to continue the development of their PED.
  • Bilbao has been studying the design and the characteristics of possible installations of geo-cooling solutions and has been assessing the different options and possibilities for use in its demonstration area on Zorrotzaurre island.
  • The city has conducted preliminary research about the characteristics of energy management systems (EMS), to identify possible EMS development requirements and executions platforms (Cloud, EDGE, IoT, servers…) and to define an open preliminary EMS governance approach covering an integrated monitoring of the different Zorrotzaurre thermal and its electricity energy systems.

Zorrotzaurre 1

Zorrotzaurre island (Credits: Ayuntamiento de Bilbao)