On 7 December 2020, ATELIER will organize the Webinar Innovation Atelier Amsterdam Buiksloterham (in Dutch).

The City of Amsterdam, together with local partners, wants to show that a (part of) the Buiksloterham neighborhood can become Energy Positive, in other words, it supplies more energy than is uses. In the European project ATELIER, a Positive Energy District is being realized in two European cities (Amsterdam and Bilbao).

A lot of innovations are needed in order for a neighborhood to become energy positive. In the Innovation Atelier Buiksloterham, the municipality, companies, knowledge institutions and residents work together to realize these innovations in practice. Think of sustainable energy generation, storage and exchange. This not only entails technical challenges, but also challenges regarding financing and affordability, legislation and legal frameworks, and social innovation. Citizens play an important role in the realization of an energy-positive neighborhood.

This webinar is the official kick-off of the Innovation Atelier Amsterdam Buiksloterham. This is the opportunity to be informed about the ambitions and the working method to realize an energy-positive neighborhood in Buiksloterham!


– Alderman van Doorninck on the importance of such projects in the sustainability ambitions in Amsterdam.

– Representatives of the City of Amsterdam, Schoonschip, TNO, Spectral, Waag

– Moderator: Waldemar Torenstra