The Copenhagen Climate Roadmap 2021-2025 lists 47 activities that are intended to bring about the carbon reductions agreed for the period. For each activity there is a project holder. Copenhagen Climate Secretariat keeps track of the activities through regular contact with each project holder. However, since Copenhagen Municipality is a large organisation and it can be hard to keep abreast with the latest developments, the ambition is also to share experiences and forge professional contacts among the project holders.

To this end the Climate Secretariat has taken the initiative to organise an annual seminar for the project holders across the different departments. The seminar provides an opportunity to meet other project holders and discuss opportunities for sustainability related to the various fields of city planning and operation. This year’s full seminar took place on 14 October. In addition to presentations from project holders, the Climate Secretariat also presented the timeline for the next climate plan and Simon Kjaer Hansen, at Copenhagen Center for Public Policy, gave a talk on why urban cities are needed to achieve sustainability.

Picture Credits: City of Copenhagen