Thursday September 10th, the first Amsterdam Innovation Atelier was organised and well visited by ATELIER partners as well as external experts, to collaboratively discuss ideas, suggestions and various perspectives on the renewable energy production required to establish a Positive Energy District in Amsterdam.
A full 2,5 hour virtual programme helped to level-out the knowledge asymmetry over partners, and offered a good number of presentations on the problem definition and insights from technology, as well as legal and city planning perspectives on the possible solutions.

During the session, the participants were divided into three break out groups to discuss in more details the specific perspectives on the problem, potential solutions and requirements for further research in order to ensure the solutions to work. Participants were able to highlight two topics for the preparation follow up. In two weeks, the discussion will be followed up, and a second Amsterdam Innovation Atelier will discuss in more detail the demarcation of a Positive Energy District, as well a great number of legal and technical scenarios to operationalise the potential Renewable Energy solution in the context of Republica and the Local Energy Market in Buiksloterham.

However, further meetings will be necessary to finish the discussion where and how additional renewable energy production could be located and connected to the Republica demonstration project, or the Local Energy Market – the first follow up session has thus already taken place on 24 September!

For further information and questions regarding the follow up sessions, please contact city of Amsterdam (Zwols, Lennart or TNO (Brouwer, Jeroen