Over the last few years, an international consortium in which the city of Amsterdam participated, investigated the implementation of shared electromobility hubs within the eHUBS project. This work has a link with ATELIER as the Buiksloterham electromobility hub is an element of the Positive Energy District in Buiksloterham as well. The study is close to its end and it has already summarized its findings in an on-line course for professionals and individuals that want to learn more about setting up such hubs.

If you want to gain more “hands on” information on how to start eHUBS, you are kindly invited to follow this free e-learning course: the eHUBS Blueprint. The user can work his way through 10 modules that start with the basics of shared mobility and why there is a need for new forms of mobility in urban areas and end with golden rules and policy recommendations for shared mobility hubs.

More information on the eHUBS project can be found at eHUBS