Spotlight on PEDs is a webinar series created by the EU-funded Horizon 2020 Innovation project ATELIER which focuses on the creation and replication of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs). Each edition focuses on a different aspect of PEDs, hosted by ATELIER partners and occasionally accompanied by external guest speakers.

This year, we are starting our first webinar on discovering the concept of Innovation Ateliers, as a method for bringing together a cities innovation eco-system in order to support the development process of Positive Energy Districts!

Relevant lessons learned will be shared with you, next to crucial insights on how the approach of Innovation Ateliers can foster the implementation of new technical and non-technical innovations in PED projects. The webinar will further provide practical insights in how the PED Innovation Ateliers are organized in the ATELIER project’s Lighthouse cities Bilbao and Amsterdam. And present an overview of products and services to illustrate the added value of Innovation Ateliers for cities in their journey towards climate neutrality. Results of monitoring the impact and effectiveness of Innovation Ateliers will also provide practical guidelines and recommendations for cities and stakeholders considering to apply the concept of Innovation Atelier in their city context.

Time is included for interaction and Q&A.

Who are the speakers?

Juanita Devis, Urban Living Lab Developer, AMS Institute
Juanita Devis is an Urban Living Lab Developer at the AMS institute, she is responsible for AMS coordination the Marineterrein Living Lab, the EU ATELIER project and other Living Labs activities. She is passionate about cities, architecture and inclusion, and her interest is to investigate how technology and urban data can provide insights to address mobility, urban, environmental and societal challenges. Her background combines her domain knowledge in urban planning and architecture with working experience in smart cities, mobility and technology (data, map-based visualizations and simulations, sensors, models, applications). She was previously involved in the H2020 URBANAGE and the H2020 INDIMO, CityFlows and the TOKEN projects as an Urban Design Researcher at imec.

Geiske Bouma, Researcher Urban Innovation, TNO Vector
​​​​​​​Geiske Bouma is Senior Researcher in the field of Urban Planning and Governance Innovation. Her projects are focused on urban, spatial and environmental planning and the policy interface. The working field she is focused on is the connection of urban planning in relation to the mobility and energy transition gearing towards climate neutral and smart cities. She combines this with supporting policy development on the local, regional and national/EU level. Geiske is active in several European projects aimed at climate neutrality: NetZeroCities, MOVE21 (hubs for people and goods), ATELIER (positive Energy Districts).

Webinars will be recorded and uploaded to the ATELIER project website.


Don’t miss out and join us on Wednesday, February 7, 12:00 – 13:30 CET!