European cities face three big challenges:  1) climate change mitigation and the transition to climate neutral cities, 2) moving towards a circular society and economy, and 3) reducing the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events, such as increased temperatures and heavy rainfalls. These challenges are related: synergies and trade-offs between these domains need to be considered in research and innovation, in business, in civic engagement, as a well as in policy making.

The new Centre of Expertise CityNetZero at AUAS has been established to create knowledge in the interface between practice, research and education, with the aim to accelerate the transition to a climate-neutral, climate-proof and circular Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. This region aims to be climate neutral, circular and climate-proof by 2050.

Centres of Expertise (CoE) are public-private (or public-public) partnerships between universities of applied sciences and the professional field, with a sharp focus on a societal challenge such as energy transition, food or healthcare. Centres invest in educational innovation, lifelong learning, and research & innovation.

The CoE CtyNetZero combines research disciplines, connects them with each other and thus contributes to accelerating the three ambitions of the regions. For this purpose, the CoE builds partnerships with knowledge and research institutes, the public, the private sector and civil society in the city of Amsterdam and in the region.

Author: Mark van Wees, AUAS

Picture Credits: HvA/AUAS