Collaboration SCC Community

Cooperation with other Smarty City and Community (SCC) projects funded under Horizon 2020 as well as the Smart Cities Marketplace (formerly EIP-SCC and SCIS) is crucial. ATELIER thus aims to enhance the value created by the project by strengthening a sustainable network among cities beyond internal cooperation. The actions contribute to the replicability of the smart solutions tested in the individual projects, the impact of the results and the dissemination to cities throughout the EU. Active participation in various task groups of the Smart City Network ensures the exchange of knowledge between ATELIER and other cities in Europe. Cooperation with other SCC projects will cover all disciplines relevant for PED design and implementation (including social sciences). Collective research and learning activities in the area of economics, business management, psychology, sociology, and political sciences will be coordinated.

This work package is led by Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Contact: Mark van Wees,