Main Objective:
The main objective of ATELIER is to realise Positive Energy Districts in Amsterdam and Bilbao to save 1,7 kton of CO2 emissions, demonstrating that integrated smart urban solutions support the deployment of PEDs and their replication in the six Fellow cities Bratislava, Budapest Copenhagen, Krakow, Matosinhos and Riga.

This objective is set on three principles:

1. Reduction of CO2 emissions:
This is realised through the deployment of local smart urban solutions, addressing a combination of technical, financial, legal, and social measures that support system integration, local production of renewable energy and high energy efficiency, stimulating local public and private investments.

2. Sustainable, secure and affordable energy systems for citizens:
The PEDs support the realisation of this objective and improve the quality of the urban surroundings of citizens living in and using the districts, but also through smart systems contributing to the security and affordability of the system as a whole.

3. Collaboration and knowledge sharing:
To realise, scale up and replicate PEDs through smart urban solutions, ATELIER creates unique opportunities for collaboration in a network of public authorities, knowledge institutes, industries, and active citizens in the district and the city, and additionally shares knowledge and experiences with Fellow Cities, related Smart City projects, and other ambitious EU cities.