Waternet works on behalf of both the Regional Public Water Authority Amstel Gooi and Vecht, and the Municipality of Amsterdam. It is the only water company in the Netherlands that covers the whole water cycle: production and supply of drinking water in and around Amsterdam and is responsibility for the municipal sewer systems.

Waternet is also responsible for the waste water treatment and for the surface water management in the Amsterdam region. This includes the responsibility for the water defenses, and for the quantity and quality of the surface water.

Role in the project

Waternet has a pilot waste water treatment installation in Buiksloterham where the recovery of valuable raw materials from waste water and solid waste, and making electricity and heat from them, is the main goal. At the Demo of Amsterdam new developers will be added to our system. We would like to contribute with our system to the positive energy balance of the Demo.


Marina Gaton

Main technical contact/coordinator