Spectral is an Amsterdam-based, end-to-end system integrator specialised in developing and implementing software and hardware solutions focused on smart energy applications. Spectral develops turn-key products and services for energy management, data analytics, flexibility trading and energy storage, working closely with key stakeholders including energy utility companies, government agencies, real-estate owners and energy communities to tackle complex challenges and realise pioneering projects. Spectral’s international team consists of business leaders and experts in the fields of electrical and power engineering, embedded systems, software development, data science, mechanical engineering and energy law.

Role in the project

Spectral is leading the technical developments for the Amsterdam positive energy district demonstrator, focusing on the implementation of smart grid software and hardware solutions. This includes the local energy management systems within major developments of the demonstrators Republica and Poppies, as well as a local energy market platform for peer to peer trading as well interaction with wholesale markets. Spectral also plays a key role in the development of the local energy community by facilitating the connection of additional external participants as well as the development of a central web portal for aggregation of data across the positive energy district of Buiksloterham.


Julian Croker

Local Project Coordinator