Matosinhos Municipality

Município de Matosinhos

Matosinhos is a coastal city in the northern Porto district of Portugal, with a population of around 175,000. around 2,800 habitants/km2, which is about 25 times above the average of the whole country, causing Matosinhos’ urban character. Matosinhos has been changing from an industrial based economy to a more service orientated one, largely tourism related, while still maintaining strong fishing activities.

The Municipality of Matosinhos has a vision, plan and strategy that focusses on energy and environmental concerns. Vision, plan and strategy are supported by AdEPorto, the Regional Energy Agency. Matosinhos has a Sustainable Energy Action Plan under the Covenant of Mayors which is focussing on promoting sustainable energy in the region. The Vision includes the 2020 goals and proposes actions that can contribute to reaching these goals.

Role in the project

The City of Matosinhos will participate in Workpackage 2 “Energy city vision 2050” and Workpackage 6 “PED replication & upscaling” as a Fellow City in the project. Matosinhos will, following the measures implemented in the Lighthouse Cities, identify the most appropriate set to replicate locally and develop the necessary plans and projects, always in a close exchange of lessons learnt within the consortium. Matosinhos also aims at gathering knowledge regarding the implementation of good practices that could be aligned with its Sustainable Energy Action Plan and contribute to achieve the CO2 reduction target, also by disseminating the relevant results and technologies across Matosinhos’ stakeholders.


João Salgado Rosa

Main technical contact