Greenchoice is a Dutch energy supplier located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The company was founded in 2001 and focuses on supplying 100% sustainable energy to Dutch end consumers. Currently, the company consists of 467 employees and supplies electricity and gas to approximately 565,000 domestic and business customers. Greenchoice offers (partnered) services to end users such as sales of solar panels for private use and sales of shares in windmills.

Greenchoice also supports hundreds of local green energy initiatives, energy cooperatives and new sustainable energy projects. As of 2020, Greenchoice will only supply customers with electricity generated locally with renewable assets. Since numbers of renewable assets are increasing, Greenchoice understands that innovation and developing new services is key in order to cope with rapidly changing electricity production or consumption. Greenchoice is therefore shifting to a more flexible, direct, price and data driven business approach or market interaction based on near real time developments.

Role in the project

Greenchoice will investigate the possibilities to optimise the value of the flexible energy sources in the energy positive district in Amsterdam by facilitating market access, investigate optimisation strategies and setting up near real time steering logic. Besides this, Greenchoice is interested in customer interaction within the field of electric vehicle sharing and smart charging.


Jurgen Duivenvoorden

Portfolio Manager