Ente Vasco de la Energía – EVE

Basque Energy Agency

The ENTE VASCO DE LA ENERGÍA – EVE  is the Basque Government’s energy agency, whose mission is to propose energy strategies for the Basque Country, based on criteria of supply security, cost competitiveness, sustainability and technological development and to participate in developing these strategies and contribute to meeting the established  targets.

In order to achieve this mission, the agency provides a service to the Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures in matters related to energy and geological and mining resources. It also participates in projects, involving private companies and government institutions. It works to disseminate the values and messages underpinning its strategies amongst society at large.

EVE promotes and provides support for improvements in energy efficiency and savings, the development of new energy types and reductions in pollutant emissions. It achieves this through valuable technological promotion and advice programmes. EVE’s activity comes within the framework of the Action Plan defined by the Basque Government’s Energy Policy and the guidelines set out in the “3E 2030 Energy Strategy for the Basque Country” in areas such as training, awareness, promotion of investment and technical assistance in rational use of energy.

EVE is coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors initiative in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, with 19 cities covering more than 50% of the population of the region participating in the initiative.

Role in the project

EVE’s activities in ATELIER Project include provision of technical assistance on energy consumption in the tertiary sector, organisation of communication and exploitation events, preparation of publications and organisation of awareness campaigns. Additionally, promotion of renewable energy is one of our main tasks, which includes geothermal and/or hydrothermal technology. This aspect is one of the main topics of the ATELIER project due to the fact that buildings’ thermal energy demand will be satisfied with this technology.


Jesus M. Casado

Technical Manager