Edwin Oostmeijer Real Estate BV

Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling BV

Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling BV is the developing entity for the Poppies real estate project. It undertakes all legal, governance, planning, finance, design and direction activities in relation to ATELIER project to create a successful outcome. EOP BV has an outstanding reputation in the Netherlands as a developer of high quality and sustainable residential projects.

Edwin Oostmeijer has been working as an independent project developer since 2006. He has realised seven housing projects, 296 dwellings in total, including his first project Het Bolwerk in the historical city of Utrecht. For this project he has been awarded by the Dutch Government with the so-called Golden Pyramid as being an inspiring commissioner. Currently Oostmeijer has got three new projects in development, all in Amsterdam, which will make a total of 445 dwellings.

Role in the project

Edwin Oostmeijer is contributing to the Amsterdam PED Demonstrator in terms of advising and engineering work related to construction and implementation of the Poppies building. Edwin Oostmeijer will directly manage and supervise physical measures, but also the governance architecture of the decentralised energy entity, including generating, exchanging, delivering and billing to the local energy community.

This new-build project will consist of 6,000 m2 of mixed commercial / residential buildings. The ambition for sustainability and circularity at Poppies is very high, and the energy performance coefficient (EPC) score is estimated at -0,34, which indicates that the buildings will be significantly energy positive. All apartments will be made from Cross Laminated Timber.


Edwin Oostmeijer

Partner Amsterdam Demonstrator – Poppies building