In Amsterdam, the Schoonschip inhabitants of the 46 floating dwellings all share one electricity connection with the shore. Their local electricity (micro)grid contains, apart from the electrical installations found in any dwelling, heat pumps for the climatisation as well as solar PV and batteries in each household. Even as they have this single connection to the outside world, the dwellings have individual smart meters to distribute energy cost according to the use of each dwelling. Altogether, the group of dwellings has an all-electric energy supply. The Energy Management System (EMS) that is needed to control the energy storage and use has been completed now with the addition of a billing module. Spectral and Fraunhofer, the partners in the ATELIER project that have been developing the EMS, will gather experience from the installation upon which they can build the development of an EMS for the larger developments of Republica and Poppies. The situation in Republica is more challenging with a variety of building types (hotel, retail, residential). Another difference is the utilisation of a common, single large battery in the block.

With the completion of the EMS at Schoonschip, the requirements for proper monitoring of the energy data by ATELIER researchers are now being addressed. Data privacy and use need to be safeguarded according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


(Picture Credits: City of Amsterdam)